Job Description – Teaching Pastor

Job Description – Teaching Pastor

Position Summary 

The Teaching Pastor (Full Time Paid Elder) serves in cooperation with the Board of Elders as the primary teacher of God’s Word at Cedar Heights Baptist Church. He will have the primary role of preaching in the regular weekly worship services. He will serve as the Elder who has oversight over the entire preaching and teaching ministry at CHBC.

General Qualifications: 

  1. Be a growing Christian, committed to Jesus Christ, and confident of God’s call to serve as an Elder.
  2. Be qualified per the biblical standards of an Elder (1 Peter 5:1-5, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and Titus 1-2).
  3. Be a covenant member of CHBC, in full agreement with our doctrinal statement, constitution, and covenant, and committed to our philosophy of ministry.
  4. Be a member of our Elder Board which is responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church.
  5. Willing to work in harmony with the other Pastors on staff as part of the team carrying out the mission and ministry of the church
  6. Willing to utilize his spiritual gifts in fulfilling this ministry description, believing God has equipped and burdened him for it.
  7. Have the necessary training, experience, and competence in the areas of his responsibilities, committed to continual development as a steward of God’s Word and servant leader.
  8. Summary: He is a man of godly character, committed to the vision and mission of CHBC, and competent as a teacher, shepherd and leader.

Responsible to: CHBC Board 

  1. The Teaching Pastor is accountable to the CHBC Elder board.
  2. He will meet regularly with the staff that is currently under the leadership of the Lead Pastor for coordination, team building, and ministry development.

Teaching and Preaching and Counseling

  1. He will be responsible for the majority of preaching at CHBC. He will be expected to personally provide 60 to 70 percent of the pulpit ministry. The other Elders on the board will share in preaching duties as needed or directed by the board.
  2. He will be the Elder responsible to give oversight to all the teaching and preaching ministries at CHBC and make sure the teaching and curriculum is faithful to God’s Word and our doctrinal statement.
  3. The main approach to pulpit ministry will be expository preaching through the Books of the Bible. But the Elder board may recognize appropriate times when specific topics should be preached.
  4. He must be committed to Christ-centered preaching and the sufficiency of the Word. He must be committed to making the main point of the text the main point of his sermon. He must be able to explain, exhort and apply the text to the lives of the CHBC family.
  5. He must be competent in his understanding of the Scriptures and he must be committed to preach the whole counsel of God. The primary goal of preaching is the glory of God & the exaltation of Jesus Christ.
  6. He will provide training and assistance to help new and existing lay teachers become more proficient at studying, interpreting, preparing and communicating God’s Word.
  7. He will need to be ordained and licensed for ministry so that he can perform weddings and funerals.
  8. He should have sufficient understanding of God’s Word to provide counseling as needed for CHBC families (i.e., marital/family/personal). He should be available to visit the sick and hurting as needed.

Additional Leadership and Administration Responsibilities: 

  1. As an Elder he will be a part of or leading one of our Acts 2:42 small groups. He should be familiar with the Uncommon Leadership materials.
  2. He will be responsible to provide oversight of our Adult Sunday School classes. He will be involved in equipping teachers and helping select topics and curriculum.
  3. He will serve on the board of Elders. This will require regular meetings for the purpose of spiritual oversight, setting direction, guarding doctrine, prayer and ministry of the Word.
  4. Each of our pastoral staff has one primary ministry but they may have a secondary ministry as well. Secondary ministries would be in keeping with his ministry gifting and desire. They should be helpful to advance the ministry and mission of CHBC. Example: Collegiate Ministry.

Ministry Experience and Qualifications: 

  1. Extensive teaching, preaching and training experience
  2. Experience in vision development and implementation
  3. Experience in identifying and developing lay leaders
  4. Experience in discipling and equipping the saints to do works of service
  5. The preferred candidate will have a M.Div. equivalent, have multiple years of experience as a primary preaching pastor, and have experience serving in a church with plurality of Elders and multiple staff.

Personal Qualifications: 

  1. Represents a Christ-like role model and is above reproach
  2. Maintains a healthy biblical relationship with wife and family
  3. Demonstrates a genuine love and concern for people
  4. A passion for the glory of God and a desire to spread the Gospel to the nations
  5. A vision for equipping the Church to be mature reproducing disciples of Christ
  6. Spiritual gifts of a Pastor/Teacher
  7. Desire, aptitude and giftedness for regular pulpit ministry
  8. Verbal and written communication skills to help facilitate and promote ministry


  1. Salary commensurate with experience, skill and education.
  2. Benefits:
    • Health insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    • $5,000 HSA
    • Retirement
    • Professional expenses and mileage
    • Paid vacation