In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our nursery has new procedures to keep it as sanitary and safe as possible.

Before we reopened the nursery on Sept. 13, 2020:

  • Toys that cannot easily be cleaned and sanitized were removed.
  • Other toys were removed to have less to clean weekly and to be able to rotate weekly.
  • Play kitchen food and utensils, and others that often go near mouths, were removed.

Modified check-in procedures:

  • Parents should confirm that the child’s temp was taken that morning with no fever (below 100.4) and showing no signs of illness. A thermometer will be kept at the check-in desk if needed.
  • Diaper bags will no longer be allowed entry into the nursery (plastic bags will be kept at the desk for any items that need to be left with the child).
  • The electronic check-in kiosk will be managed by the check-in volunteer only, checking in children and allowing parents to take the printed labels.
  • The roster will be kept weekly.
  • Children and volunteers must use hand sanitizer at the check-in desk before entering the nursery.

Other modified procedures:

  • Volunteers should continue washing hands or using hand sanitizer before and after every diaper change, nose wiping, or helping with the potty.
  • Disposable gloves will also be available at changing tables.
  • Face coverings are optional for children and volunteers, but should not be used for children under age 2 or for people with breathing problems.
  • Volunteers will be vigilant of symptoms in themselves or children attending (fever, runny nose, cough, vomiting, diarrhea).
  • Volunteers should consider wearing long hair up and bringing a large button-up shirt, apron, etc. that can be easily removed after serving.
  • Cloth items will be removed or laundered every week. Frequently touched surfaces, bathrooms, and toys will be disinfected every week (open windows, disinfect surfaces, disinfect toys with bleach/water solution, rotating when possible).
  • Windows will be kept open if the temperature allows.