Review: The Jesus Storybook Bible

Review: The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible
Sally Lloyd-Jones

What is it?
This storybook Bible walks through the entire story of the Bible by focusing on many of the individual stories recounted in Scripture. Each chapter tells a new story from Scripture, and in the words of the author, “every story whispers his (Jesus’) name”. It is designed to help engage the hearts of young readers and help them see how the whole story of the Bible is about Jesus.

Who’s it for?
The short chapters, simple and clear writing style, and excellent full-page illustrations make this book engaging and beneficial to kids 4-8 years old. Its format lends itself to a lot of uses. It could be read as a family for daily devotions, read by an older child on their own, or even used alongside other children’s books, allowing Christ-centered truths to permeate your child’s story time.

How’d it go?
“I love this book because it connects everything to the story of Jesus. I feel like I gain a new appreciation of some Bible stories when I read it as an adult. It’s well-written and the poetic language is fun to read. My kids love the pictures and the storytelling.” – Candace Buskohl


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