Spiritual Discipline Series

Spiritual Discipline Series

We sometimes forget that a Christian doesn’t need to be a grown up before they can start living out their faith. One thing Christian children can do, even at a young age, is practice spiritual disciplines.

To help with this, we’ve put together a series of articles (each written by a different author in our church), explaining different spiritual disciplines to a young audience. Each article is designed to be read by a child or read to a child. Check them out below!

“Eyes and Ears” (Bible Reading)
by Maria Wilkening

“Cardio for Christians” (Bible Memory)
by Madigan Roelfs

“Help and Thank You” (Prayer)
by Pastor Jeff and Peggy McCourt

“Behold our God” (Singing)
by Heidi Anderson

“Imitating Christ” (Service)
by Avery Johnson


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