Review: How to Read the Bible Book by Book

Review: How to Read the Bible Book by Book

How to Read the Bible Book By Book
By Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart

What is it?
In the words of the authors, “Reading the Bible need not be a haphazard journey through strange and bewildering territory.” Fee and Stuart have effectively written an incredibly accessible commentary on the entire Bible, book by book! They begin by giving an overview of the whole book, followed by a quick walk through the outline of the book. They explain the main themes of the text and how they fit into the main themes of the rest of Scripture.

Who’s it for?
This book is written to help Christians of all ages “read the Bible knowledgeably and understand it correctly”. It’s accessible to an upper elementary or middle school student but is also edifying and helpful at an academic level. It could be used as an accompanying tool to your daily Bible reading, a stand alone study, or as a quick reference guide when your kid asks you about Song of Solomon.

How’d it go?
“I’ve used this book in many different ways, from lesson prep to personal study. I have a lot of commentaries and Bible study tools at my disposal, but I keep returning to this brief and well written resource. I have no doubt that as my kids get a little older, this book will accompany many of our discussions at Family Bible Time.” – Carter Brown


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