Review: Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Part I

Review: Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Part I

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey, Part I
Lithos Kids

What is it?
“Next to the Bible, The Pilgrim’s Progress is the best-selling book of all time. It has inspired Christians for generations, and we want to pass this story of faith to the next generation. We pray it will inspire many ‘little pilgrims’ to believe the King’s Word, follow the King’s path, and seek the King’s City.
Our ultimate hope is that these books would bring children to the foot of the cross–where all burdens can be removed, once and for all.” – Lithos Kids

Who’s it for?
These adaptations of The Pilgrim’s Progress were written to engage kids ages 2 – 10. While the beautiful, full-page illustrations and simple, straightforward storytelling do in fact hold the interest of a two year old, the authors did not sacrifice the depth and richness of the allegory and imagery. The story is meaningful and edifying for people of all ages. It could be read by a child on their own or read together with a parent.

How’d it go?
“It would be hard for me to say enough good things about these books (both Part I and Part II). Second to the Bible, these are my favorite books in our home. We used to read Part I with our 3-year-old daughter before bed each night. For months, she wouldn’t let us read anything else – when we finished, we would just start over. She memorized the whole story, informing us what chapter was coming next. We noticed her picking up on more and more of the details and asking insightful questions. We also found that we were able to reference different parts of the story when explaining complex truths to her. All the while, we were personally edified and encouraged by this timeless and beautiful story.
I also took this book to youth group and spent one of our lesson times reading it in its entirety to the teens. Both students and leaders were engaged and encouraged by the story. While this is a brilliant resource for children, I don’t think you’ll find a Christian of any age who wouldn’t find this helpful.” – Carter Brown


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